YouTube Player Shortcut Keys

If you watch tutorial videos or just ever wanted to know how to more quickly navigate around a YouTube video player window then this is the video you’ve been waiting for. Easily pause, play, skip, rewind, mute, turn on subtitles, go full screen and much more all from shortcut keys.

——————————-Shortcut Keys—————————————-
spacebar = pause/play
m = mute on/off
j = back 10 scs
k = pause/play
l = forward 10 scs
c = captions on/off
f = full screen on/off
0 = start of video
1 – 9 = sections of videos split into 10% sections.
– = captions smaller
+ = captions bigger
left arrow = back 5 seconds short press OR fast rewind if you hold down
right arrow = forward 5 seconds short press OR fast forward if you hold down

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